The Environment of 2016 in a Nutshell

2016 has been a surprising year. Then, if one would like to look back and attach a meaning to it, what could he do? What economists most oftenly prefer to do, is to look at indexes. Then, since we are concerned about the environment, Steamgreen has selected an interesting one in order to conclude this […]

Net Green against Greenwashing

Hi Steamgreener! Enjoy today’s article by our fellow student Lucia Ibanez Aldecoa! Credibility is one of the main reasons for consumers to reject green products and they have good reasons to distrust. Greenwashing is the dark side of green marketing and it is difficult for consumers to differentiate companies that have a real commitment with sustainability from those ones that […]

Tap or bottled water?

During Ecomondo 2016 edition, SteamGreen! had the chance to talk with a CAP group manager, which was the exclusive supplier of the “Case dell’acqua”- in English the Water houses- during EXPO Milano 2015. These were in practice public installations dispensing free and cool still or sparkling water. It has been a brief and interesting chat […]