Jugaad innovation keeps on opening paths

There is little doubt that lowering plastic consumption has become one of the main environmental targets of the century. Consider that until 1950, the global production of plastic was estimated to be 2 million tons per year; this decade, we have passed the 300 million tons per year mark, and it continues on growing. So […]

Extreme temperatures keep affecting wheat production in Europe

Yet another year, climate change shows its effect more vividly on European summer. Extreme temperatures have devastated corn fields in North Europe, while a combination of droughts and high intensity rains on the Black Sea area have plunged production estimations, with the consequent potential of a price raise. France, main EU producer, has also been […]

WCERE – the 6th World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economics

The 2018 World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists (WCERE) was held at the School of Business, Economics and Law and the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. It gathered over 1,300 international researchers, professors, professionals and students from June 25 to June 29 to share latest research output, policy perspectives, […]

The right of citizens to produce renewable energy

The Renewable Energy Directive establishes an overall policy for the production and promotion of energy from renewable sources in the EU. It was emended in 2009, defining both European and national targets regarding the generation of renewable energy. The European target was originally 20 per cent of the gross final consumption by the year 2020, […]