The Team

The main SteamGREEN! bloggers are:

Sofia Mazzon: a RESD student from Italy. Her favourite topics are climate change and energy. When she’s not writing, she’s busy doing crosswords or learning to play the ukulele. Available at

Previous bloggers:

Chiara Notarangelo: A RESD Student from Italy who would like to work in the biodiversity protection field. Meanwhile, she enjoys experimenting plant-based dishes. Available at

Leonardo Scarton: A RESD Student from Italy. He’s keen on taking pictures when visiting places. Available at


Aaron Diaz. A RESD student from Spain, who mostly focuses on European policies and renewable energy. He is available at

Anna Verones. A RESD student from Italy. She loves nature and is always ready to bring the most fresh news about it! She is available at


Ruggiero Rippo. He is a RESD Student. When he is not on the books, he is out for the latest news! He is available at


Ruggiero Rippo
Ruggiero Rippo
Laura Viganò
Laura Viganò

Laura Viganò. Obviously a RESD Student too. As the first female blogger her mission will the one to bring about some creativity to the green! She is available at


Max Unterthiner and Pushkar Sabharwal.

Before them, Pushkar Sabharwal and Max Unterthiner were the brave founders.
Check out their brilliant articles in the archives!

If you want to contact us, please use the contact form!

We also would like to remind our beloved readers that the programme RESD is not responsible of the content published in the blog.

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