The Nature of Cities – Documentary Review

How can we make the cities better than before, better workplaces, better schools… how can we immerse ourselves in nature everyday instead of thinking we have to get in SUV and drive 50 miles? There is no doubt that we need nature. It’s absolutely essential to daily life. We can find it in the cities where we live, it’s all around us if we look, but there are also many innovative ways in which nature can be designed into urban environments. These were the questions asked and statements delivered at the beginning of the documentary. My mother used to tell me when i was a kid that when i get tired of studying, i should sit under the tree for a while to relax ( i grew up in an Urban city called Delhi so having a tree around us was a luxury). But she was so right. Nothing makes one more relaxed than being in nature.  This is the main topic of this documentary, how to bring the nature back to the city and it shouldn’t be outside the city. The documentary is quite interesting even though at times i lost the interest here and there ( same old things in a different way) We see many countries trying to bring back the nature in the cities. Its impressive, very impressive but i feel more can be done than this.  Countries like USA,Denmark,Germany and Sweden have been trying to do this for a while and im very sure slowly we are going to see greener cities than before. Written by: Pushkar Sabharwal

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