It’s time we Indians start taking the measure against the increasing pollution

I was born and grew up in Delhi. Honestly I remember one of my closest friend had severe asthma problems especially during the winters. In Delhi, in winters we have ‘Smog’. Smog is a kind of air pollution, originally named for the mixture of smoke and fog in the air. Classic smog results from large amounts of coal burning in an area and is caused by a mixture of smoke and sulfur dioxide. During the winters, the smog is so thick that you can see anything in your arms distance. Recently, Delhi became the world’s most polluted city in the world. We are number 1 is many ways ( most of the them in a bad way) Highest road accidents, highest diabetics, highest heart problems too. There is nothing to be proud of. I remember my friends from abroad who constantly fell sick or complained about air quality.  We have a joke in Delhi of not wearing a white shirt during the summer because most likely its going to turn black by the evening. The article mentioned in BBC is very interesting. In London last week, the most dangerous particles – PM 2.5 – hit a high of 57 – that’s nearly six times recommended limits In Delhi we have these particles at around 300. Thats 30 times more. It is of course going to be like this when you can few hundred thousand vehicles driving everyday on the road, where 18 million people live and most of them use cheap oil o char coal to their work done. I wasnt surprised that when the article mentioned that after heart attach, air pollution is the highest killer in India. Living here in Rimini, Italy has been a luxury in its own way. Al though some people might complain about the air quality of Rimini but for me i cant ask for a better quality than this. Here this the detailed comparion of Rimini and Delhi.

Index   Info Rimini Delhi
Pollution Index:    58.62    90.14
Pollution Exp Scale:    98.60    163.51
Air pollution data from World Health Organization
City Rimini Delhi
PM10 35 286
PM2.5 20 153
PM10 Pollution Level: Moderate Extremely High

Pollution Rimini vs Delhi

Rimini Delhi
Improve Data Improve Data
Air Pollution Moderate 50.00 Very High 86.16
Drinking Water Pollution and Inaccessibility Moderate 50.00 High 71.70
Dissatisfaction with Garbage Disposal Moderate 50.00 High 75.48
Dirty and Untidy Moderate 50.00 High 72.17
Noise and Light Pollution Moderate 50.00 High 67.92
Water Pollution Moderate 50.00 High 78.00
Dissatisfaction to Spend Time in the City Moderate 50.00 High 72.32
Dissatisfaction with Green and Parks in the City Moderate 50.00 Moderate 44.34
Contributors: 6 58
Last Update: December, 2014 April, 2015

Purity and Cleanliness Rimini vs Delhi

Rimini Delhi
Improve Data Improve Data
Air quality Moderate 50.00 Very Low 13.84
Drinking Water Quality and Accessibility Moderate 50.00 Low 28.30
Garbage Disposal Satisfaction Moderate 50.00 Low 24.52
Clean and Tidy Moderate 50.00 Low 27.83
Quiet and No Problem with Night Lights Moderate 50.00 Low 32.08
Water Quality Moderate 50.00 Low 22.00
Comfortable to Spend Time in the City Moderate 50.00 Low 27.68
Quality of Green and Parks Moderate 50.00 Moderate 55.66
Contributors: 6 58
Last Update: December, 2014 April, 2015

I am worried about my parents and friends who are still living there in Delhi breathing this poisonous air. Being not sick doesn’t mean one’s lungs function properly. I really wish more and more people start getting aware of it and start taking measures to reduce the air quality before its too late. Written by : Pushkar Sabharwal

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