Tesla revealed batteries for your home

For sure you heard about Tesla, the US American producer of the very successfully selling electric car Tesla Model S. And if you find their revolutionary approach in the car sector as interesting as I do, you will definitely appreciate the latest news from Tesla.

On April 30, they announced at a press conference in Los Angeles that they will sell their most innovative battery system also separately for consumers. They will sell their battery packs that will cost around 3500 $ and are able to store 10kWh,


Now you may ask why should I buy a battery for my home? Obviously the battery can supply you during a blackout but it is not directly ment for that. The main reason to get one is that if you have an external power supply, for example solar plants you can storage energy efficiently (which was not that easy and cheap before) or you can charge it during the time of the day when energy costs less and use it later!

What do you think about Teslas idea? Discuss below!

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