RESD Students Study Tour to Sardinia

As you might know this Website is promoted by the two years M. Sc. Resource Economics and Sustainable Development, University of Bologna, and from time to time we report about activities of our course (like Pushkar did with Euroenviro last week).

From 17th to 19th of May twenty RESD Students went to an amazing study tour to Sardine, the second largest mediterranean island to learn more about some very interesting research that they do there.

On Sunday 17th at 1 pm we arrived at the Airport Alghero in the very north of Sardine. From there we got in an one and a half hour bus ride to our destination for the next 3 days: The Penisola of Sinis at the wild westcoast. In the afternoon we visited the ancient city of Tharros with its impressive ruins and finished the first traveling day with a refreshing bath in the cold mediterranean sea.

We started day two visiting the small town Cabras, close to our accomodation side which was a traditional sardinian Agriturismo. After visiting the local city museum and the Giants of Monte Prama, we had a nice lunch-break at the beach, but what followed was definitely one of the most amazing experiences during the whole trip: The Institute for coastal marine environment with its rescue centre for marine sea turtles. The local researchers explained in a fascinating way what the problems with the turtles and also the urchin fishing regulation there were. Seeing this huge marine reptiles so close is unbelievable, some of them are longer than 1 meter and weight up to 45 kg!

Still impressed about the animals we left the Research Center and moved to one of the most unique and beautiful beaches on the Sardinias west coast, the quartz sand beaches of Artuas. The fact that the beach is composed completely out of tiny round quartz crystal makes this place so special.

To finish such an amazing day we had a traditional sardinian dinner at the agriturismo with local special food including also the famous Porcedù, a delicious roasted pig meal.

The last day of our studying tour took us to the Island of Mal di Ventre, a tiny Island offshore the coastline. We got there with a rubber raft and explored the wild Island on our own. The wildlife there was very impressive with rare seabirds and land tortoises.

Unfortunately we had our flight home already in the afternoon of that day.

There will be online a photo-gallery soon, so stay tuned!

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