Is Zero Waste a possibility?

Few weeks back I read an article.

Here it talks about the zero waste in four different cities in different countries. These four cities include San Francisco, Sweden ( every city in it apparently), Buenos Aires and Capannori.

Even though their effort should be appreciated and worth talking about, however, it concerns when when I read that they are actually burning all the waste. So at one side, these cities are not going to have any waste left ( Sweden actually imports trash annually from neighboring countries to feed its incineration plants) One way could be that the products they produce from now on should be 100% recycled or could be easily disposed without harming the environment. Sweden is without a doubt doing a great job of recycling or towards environment. When I went there for few days not only the air was super clean and so was the city. 99% of the Sweden’s waste is recycled. Fantastic right?!

But by burning this trash, they are emitting some harmful gases into the environment. Right?

Well not at least Sweden. They burn this trash and convert it into energy to hear their house during the winters.

So in Zero Waste a possibility? Yes, we are on our way.
Zero waste is a full-fledged movement today, one that is spreading from cities to states to countries as well as the corporate world. The cities above show just a fraction of the work that is happening, but represent a spectrum of approaches to the problem of waste. The biggest barrier is the shift that needs to happen in the mindsets of everyone who produces waste, which, of course, is all of us.

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