Our blog has been selected as part of Sustainability project from University of Bologna

4 months ago when we started this blog, we were not expecting to get this over-whelming response from people. I love when my friends tell me that they read our posts and we talk for hours about other ways of sustainability or some other posts that I might be interested to read because it talks about the same theme.

But to top that was the great news we got when we were told that University of Bologna has selected our blog as a part of their sustainability project.

The site is in Italian. Apparently even I wasn’t aware of it but get this ‘University of Bologna is the most sustainable university in Italy’. I am not surprised to know this however I feel proud that my University is at least doing something apart from just teaching the course.

UNIBO organizes various Sustainability project. The office is in Bologna. It has three parts of Sustainability 1) Energy 2) Mobility 3) Environment

It comes up with various innovative means to be more sustainable. For example – understanding the consumption of energy by one particular building and on how to reduce the consumption (reducing the waste). I am looking forward to various projects of this university. Maybe in future, I would be a part of one project.

I feel honored that I am part of this University.

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