Some ‘Green Startup’ enjoying success!

In order to more sustainable or at least to help us become more sustainable, we need entrepreneurs who are willing to put their dime in startups which focus sustainability or Eco-friendly. Currently the name give to it is Green Startup. It is a tricky startup since I personally feel that it is very new and untapped. It is risky because you do not have a benchmark to follow which could be easy if you invest your money in a different startup with same selling point more or less.

Here are three Green Startups which are doing great in US or around the world.

1) Choose Energy, which was founded in 2008, operates in four states where energy is deregulated–meaning consumers can choose among different providers–and has plans to expand its services nationwide, Dyess says. The company is also developing technology for energy providers to use in customer acquisition and support. If you will look at the site, you find that it is very easy to use and very very useful. With all the rates of all the energy providers are given, you can make a decent choice and most sustainable. Recently they announced on March 26 that it raised $4 million to expand its online platform, which allows consumers and small businesses to shop for energy plans based on a variety of factors, including how green the providers are.

2) Tado, a German company which has a system that can regulate you heating and cooling conditions according to your choice. It says that you can reduce the costs by 30%.

3) Artic Sand, The industry is striving towards smaller devices with increased efficiencies. Some of the greatest challenges relate to converting power from the available input voltage to the voltages needed to drive LED Displays and Processors. Arctic Sand exists to develop the next leap in power conversion technology, achieving up to 4 times reduction in size and power loss to enable next generation mobile applications. It raised $9.6 million from a syndicate of investors that included Arsenal Venture Partners and Dialog Semiconductor.

4) NuMat, NuMat creates value by fundamentally challenging the need to compress gases. In doing so, they unlock massively valuable design flexibility and cost-advantaged production economics in the healthcare, industrial technology, and energy sectors. They are garnering kudos for a technology it developed for storing natural gases, such as methane. The company developed porous materials that can be used to line natural-gas tanks, for example, in cars. Storage of natural gas is so challenging that many experts believe it’s a major deterrent for the widespread adoption of clean-energy solutions. That’s the problem NuMat set out to solve.

5) Plastic Bottle Crusher, an Australian startup. If you want your container waste recycled, you will need tools and systems to help you separate waste streams and size reduce them so that a recycler can see the value in collecting it.

Precycling is the art of separating and compacting waste streams (paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, metals) to make them valuable for recycling. If you help with precycling, then your local recyclers or waste traders are going to be interested in those separated waste bundles, especially if they are size reduced and easy to transport.

The Plastic Bottle Crusher group have invented a range of very strong and durable machines to size reduce the volume of waste at your workplace or your home.

Source: Entreprenuer, Green Planner

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