My two cents on Milan’s Expo 2015!

I know I should have written this post long time ago. Even though I went to Expo 10 days ago, I should have went there before (less people would have been there) and this review might have helped some people weather to go there or not. But it might help you right now. What do I think about Milan Expo? – ‘A Glorified Disaster’.

I must say I had high expectations from it. More on sustainability terms and less on food. The Capital expenditure has soaked up €1.3 billion (£930 million). Some 145 nations are taking part – 54 with their own pavilions, which is 12 more than Shanghai managed at the last Universal Expo in 2010. Between them, the nations have tipped in €1.1 billion (£785 million). Running costs will be more than €800 million (£570 million). More than 10 million have already visited this expo. In terms of organization, it wasn’t so bad. But where was sustainability?

Italy did manage to organize it well. I have to give it that. But India did not participate in this event, which was a huge disappointment for me. I was really looking forward to go to this pavilion but to my surprise it was not on the list. After further research, I got to know that because of diplomatic tensions, India pulled out of the at the last event.

Some 140 countries showcased their local food. Some used sustainability as a showcase in agriculture but that was it. It was all food. Some were selling their garments to people. It was kind of flea market expo. If you have patience to stand in queue for 3 hours to know that cuisine of Korea, be my guest. I took the brochure and read what kind of food they are planning to show inside. My suggestion would be (if you still want to attend this event) go there early. As early as 9am and stay there till 23hrs to catch up on as many things as you can. It is indeed to much to see. Over priced, less quantity food.

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