Highest number of premature deaths due to air pollution – Italy!

On ‘Corriere della sera’ (one Italian newspaper) few weeks ago, there was an article regarding the highest premature deaths in Italy. If the data is to be believed, more than 59k people died due the high level of air pollutants in Italy. I always mentioned my country to be highly polluted and I always consider to be really clean in terms of air ( I still do) but after reading the article and the European Union recently released data on air quality, it is clear that Germany and Italy leading in bad air quality index.

Clearly living in a big city or a rich country doesn’t assure you to breathe clean air. However, Italy has been working a lot on it. During the Ecomondo, they held a discussion on Green Economy where they spoke about various technologies to be used so to emit less pollution.

Waste management is still a huge issue in this country!

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