What is Euroenviro (as a participant)?



Imagine yourself in a city you have never been before, although acting like a veteran. Then add up that you are among friendly people, who are actually strangers as  you have never met them before.

Plus, you are passionately  chit-chatting about your dreams and commitments for a better and green world.
And the best part is: it is never going to end!


Picture of Euroenviro participants 2016


This is EuroEnviro: an annual week long, big and  stunning conversation about sustainability. It takes place every year in a different location and featuring diverse participants. It usually lasts a week, and involves often  60 students from all around the globe. Every edition has a particular theme, which will be paramount throughout all the week. The participants take part in this theme- related activities as workshops, seminars, guided tours, lectures… and in the end they say goodbye while welcoming- and democratically voting for-  another city candidate that will host the same initiative the upcoming year, only declined in another way.

Euroenviro’s best part is that it is completely self- organised by students and it has very few rules (almost none). It is an evolving creature, who is a wildling, that does not follow any specific pattern but is allowed to freely run in the outer unexplored space of opportunities. This is the reason why every year it is special and it is worthy of participating since it is very much shaped by the participants, organisers, cities and the myriads of  x- variables.

The very first original EuroEnviro was not Euroenviro! In fact, it came to light with the name “Born in Born”, probably (not sure) because it settled in Born, Germany. Then it changed it name and never missed a beat. It travelled around Europe stopping in Austria, Croazia, Spain, Finland, Poland, Scotland and many more interesting places. This year EuroEnviro has just turned 22, taking place in the sunny and fresh-to-death Copenhagen.
The theme was “Building the Future” and 60 lovely people explored through workshops and seminars how a city could be sprouting, living and moving: in a word, Sustainable. In the meantime, they were also divided into groups and developed with a lot of creativity projects addressing these issues, which in the end became material when they crossed  3D-Printers and Laser-Cutters. Finally, the projects became alive in a little but public exhibition where they were testified under unknown and curious eyes and opinions.


Euroenviro is not just like that. It is very much more. It is sharing a wonderful experience, travelling in an alternative manner. Above all, it is talking to real people who stem from places from the other side of the world, but think in the way you do. In such a way, you do not feel like an alien when you are flying back to  your profit-centered  world. In fact, strength has taken control of you, and motivation is leading you towards a green path at an unbelievably ambitious pace.

PS: stay tuned for more articles about Euroenviro (knowledge will be shared). Also: upcoming article on “Euroenviro (as a organiser)” as EuroEnviro 2017 will be hosted in ITALY with the contribution of the bloggers here 🙂

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