Climate Change vs. Sports

We have been speaking about sustainability in Rio Olympic Games. Sustainability-in-Rio

Today we want to open your eyes on another issue, the inside competition atlethes are conducting against climate change. No one else more than olympians and their performances is being affected by climate change.

Extreeme temperature is crtical to every sport, mostly outodoor ones. Atlethes are at a risk of heartstoke and lost of concentration. On the top of that, in these contrary conditions less records are expected to be hit.

A report of  Observatorio do Clima, a Brazilian civil society group said that :”Because of warming, sport will never be the same again, and fewer records than in previous games are likely to fall as a result”.

Already organisers of the games are thinking to take some action like hosting marathons during the night with cooler temperature.

Will climate change also cut out some countries from hosting next games? Well, that’s very likely!

A study by university of Waterloo found out, as the chart shows, that cities which previously hosted the Winter Olympics may be unsuitable to host the games in the coming decades due to climate change.


Since Sochi, many athletes signed a petition urging world leaders to take action on climate change. Moreover, the new campaign called “1.5°C, the record we cannot break” promoted by the Climate Vulnerable Forum,  has emerged prior to the Rio Olympics, asserting that not all records, especially global temperatures, should be celebrated when they fall.

Now the biggest question is : for how long sports can surivive climate change?

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