Sustainability Tips: how to ace September and a new lifestyle!

September is approaching, and to some of us this beginning is at least as heavy as the 1st of January.
After all, a new year, may it be academic or work-related, is about to get started.
If not, vacations are over. And if no vacation had been on sight… it could be high time also for you to stand up for a new beginning. A sustainable one, of course.

 7 New good habits to adopt for a fresh start


  • Recycle your cooking water.


    When you boil pasta or even better, vegetables and pulses the habit is the one to throw away the water so easily that we do not even know how many litres  we were handling. Well, on average that amounts at 1 litre for each portion.  Perfect for watering your plants:  they will gain also from the nutrients spread in this enriched water.

  • Tidy up your place.

    Before getting started everything, one way to do it better is to have everything under control. Tidying up your place will let your room be full with good vibes. Furthermore it is a good way to be acknowledged of the amount of objects you own: some of them are useless by now, or even better some were forgotten and be used again instead to consume and buy a similar item.


  • Adopt  a plant.


    Taking care of the green has been proved to cause relief and relax. It moreover helps us to understand and know a rural world that is very far from our everyday urban life. What is unknown to some, is that plants depurate the indoor air. For example aloe barbadensis emits oxygen during the nighttime and absorbs  formaldehyde, which is a substance that can cause cancer but is part of common items in houses such as insulating parts or paints.


  • Walk whenever you can.

    Walking often is a way to exercise, meet new people, get to know the place where you live, do not waste fuel and last but not least it is inspiring.

  • Add an e- to your mail.


    having your bills and ordinary mail become electronic is comfortable, practical and most of the time easy. It will not only save paper and trees, but also save your time as it is an immediate exchange of information and it is usually connected with online payment.

  • Download smart apps.

    Apps, if used cleverly can enhance you sustainable lifestyle. For example: Sustainable Canned Tuna is an app released by Greenpeace that helps you recognise a responsible brand when it comes to tuna (some species are critically endangered). Or we already talked about greenApes here.  There are, instead, plenty of apps that helps you with recycling: iRecycle, Differenzia (in Italian), or the game Recycle Ranger.

  • Eat less animals

    We all know that eating meat instead of vegetable based dish can weigh as musch as 10 times (sometimes even more) on the environment in terms of water, pollution and not only.
    So, try to replace some of your meat-based favourites with some new nutrient vegetarian dishes: I suggest you lentils meat-free-balls or easily fried tofu with seal salt on top. Tasty, green and  regret-free!

    So, Let’s go!

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