Climategate: Why we need more media support

Today the power of the media is so strong than ever before. Thanks to social networks, podcasts and off-line streaming services we are constantly hit by news from everywhere. We can not deny the fact that the media have the power to shape people’s opinions about a certain fact. Moreover, the media coverage around an […]

Is Producing Less Our Only Possibility?

A central theme in the public debate is the green and circular economy: how can we design better production modalities in order to produce less inefficiencies (aka waste)? How can we produce greener products? And how can we make use of the side products? Ecomondo, the annual fair taking place in Rimini about green economy, […]

Google Invest in new biggest African windfarm!

Google announced a 12$ million in the new Lake Turkana Wind Power Project; this will be Google’s second investment in the continent. Previously, the company from from MountainView took part in a large investment in the Jasper Power Project, a mega-solar farm that supplies many cities in South Africa. Now, the Lake Turkana Project will supply power for up to 80,000 […]

The Year of….Pulses

Almost one year ago UN claimed that 2016 would have become the year for the celebration of pulses. Pulses are a very important ingredient in developing countries, as they very nourishing despite being cheap. Nonetheless, UN had further  multiple points in favour of giving birth to such initiative. Food Security First of all, legumes provide […]

We need a new transport system

We often speak about decarbonizing our economies. We are increasing the amount of Energy from renewable sources, we are developing better recycling systems, we invest in environmental services and so on. However, the trickiest part of decarbonizing our economy is that we are carrying on the transition to a low-carbon or carbon free economy thanks […]

The Potential for Energy Citizens in the European Union

  A very interesting report produced by CE Delft- an environment-related research institute – suggests, and actually proves, the idea that the target of reaching a 100% renewable energy based economy is very much approachable if we, the people, become Energy Citizens. Who is an Energy Citizen? The definition is simple: an individual or a […]

Paris Agreement: how we reached a milestone

On the 5th of October the Paris agreement has entered into force, as enough countries has ratified the document. As India, China and United States ratified the agreement, the participating nations went well above the 55% threshold of emissions, mandatory for the agreement to take effect. The Paris agreement often as “the most comprehensive international agreement ever […]

Steamgreen goes Internazionale! Book advice included.

Steamgreen has gone far this week for its readers: it has flown to China, stopping in Spain before landing in Brasil and then popping up in US. And all of this while remaining in Ferrara. In fact Ferrara, the town whose historical centre was claimed to be UNESCO heritage site, hosted during the weekend the […]

Demain… a movie for the Earth!

On the 6th of this month be free, a new documentary is coming out, and is about the environment. Demain (Tomorrow, in english) is a non fiction movie directed by Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent. We don’t want to give too much spoilers, but you should know that the movie takes place in 10 different countries […]