Before The Flood

Before the Flood is the docu-movie directed by Fisher Stevens, released on National Geographic channels (or also online)  between the 30th and 31st of October, this year.
It portrays Leonardo di Caprio, as UN Messenger of Peace, along his journey for truth about Climate Change.
Steamgreen suggests you to see it, for free, here.

It is pretty interesting because it covers the majority of the issues surrounding climate change.
First of all,the scientific data behind it.
Indeed, the release of this movie came on time with the recent UN announcement of the earth stepping into a brand new climate era: we passed into 400 ppm of Carbon Dioxide in the athmosphere.

Credit: Inside Climate News
Credit: Inside Climate News

Okay, this is actually quite meaningless as we have been wandering   very close to the threshold for long, and some additional percentage does not make any pivotal difference. However, scientists say  many generations will have to live on earth before this threshold will be downwards trespassed.
Secondly, it faces the political controversies of this issue, in particular in the US. It shows how part of the American political system is corrupted and, without going into too deep of the Climate Deception, showing how our vote can be determinant (in particular in view of US presidentials).
Thirdly, it deals with  how much real places on earth, such as Kirimbati Islands, the Arctic, or even LA, are now being affected by climate change.
Lastly, (but not least), it opens up for solutions.

Steamgreen doesn’t want to spoiler the whole movie; however what is interesting when it comes to consumption patterns is  how they can have a direct impact towards an effective change, Of course we already knew about that, but what most of us do not consider is that in developing countries dirty fossil fuels are the only possibility to have an access to a source of energy at all; in particular when it comes to fast growing population, such as China, or better, India.
This has to remind to all of us that sustainable development is a fragile equilibrium.
After all, its definition is:
“Sustainable development is a process for meeting human development goals while sustaining the ability of natural systems to continue to provide the natural resources and ecosystem services upon which the economy and society depends”

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