Better Life Index

An interactive and smart tool to rank how a region or a state perform according to 11 topic that make better life. The OECD Better Life Index aims at identifying the best way to measure the progress of societies, going beyond GDP and examining the areas that impact people’s lives.

The OECD has identified 11 dimensions as being essential to well-being

  1. housing,
  2. income,
  3. jobs,
  4. community,
  5. education,
  6. environment,
  7. governance,
  8. health,
  9. life satisfaction,
  10. safety,
  11. work-life balance.

Each topic is built on one to four specific indicators: For example, the Jobs topic is based on four separate measures: the employment rate, personal earnings, the long-term unemployment rate and job security.

It is important to point out that OECD does not provide an overall ranking. Instead, Your Better Life Index is designed to let you, the user, investigate how each of the 11 topics can contribute to well-being, attaching more importance to the topics that you feel more relevant to make life better.

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