Why is the 1.5°C objective so important for Italy?

2015 has been a very important year in regards to the fight against climate change, a sort of year zero. In November of this year, indeed, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, known also as COP21 or Conference of the Parties, was held in Paris and during this conference the Paris Agreement was negotiated. The […]

Industrial Symbiosis: a new frontier for sustainable production

  Have you ever thought that one’s waste could be a precious resource for somebody else? This is some kind of naive thought, indeed. Then why isn’t is applied on a daily basis on large scale production district, so that the by- products of a company x would become the input for company y? Well, […]

Cleaning up the oceans with style? Yes, we can

Humanity has been able to create thousands of new materials during its (relatively short with respect to the world’s) history. Some of them have such incredible properties that allowed us to develop like we have never done before, to the point than now we cannot imagine our lives without them. Think, for instance, about plastic. […]