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In this joyful season, and of course with that I mean the summertime, most of us will travel. Set aside the carbon footprint that we may cause which such kind of reckless choice, there may be other more or less terrible consequences. We talked about that in our previous article. One of them concerns the […]

Flying green…Is it possible?

August is almost here, and again it becomes an hectic rush hour to holiday destinations. And of course, a lot of us wish to go abroad and comfortably taking a plane. Because! It is faster, fresher, easier, thrilling and, obviously, cheap. Well, at least it is convenient for our wallets, but what about our environment? […]

New Insights on Climate Change Action. Just About Time!

Source: NASA

In the last days climate change has come back in the spotlight. Not only for the impressive heat wave that is certainly hitting at least the mediterrean countries, but also because of the political wave that has been central in continental Europe. We are talking about G20 just ended in Germany last week. Indeed, the […]

Cities and Sustainability.

Today steamgreen will focus on sustainability in the cities. Lately indeed there are multiple articles and studies that explore this topic. Why though? The urban dimension, indeed, is becoming more and more important in the last years. It is a trend that has begun a millennium ago, circa, when hunters gathered into villages in order […]