Ecomondo 2017: an imperative meeting for the Green & Circular Economy

Last week (from 7 to 10 of November) and for the 21st time, the international expo Ecomondo has gathered in Rimini representatives of all the sectors involved in environmental issues: from waste management to renewable energies, passing through energy recovery, online networks, efficiency, sustainable development pathing…

With an estimated assistance of over 100.000 visitors and more than 1.200 exhibitors, Ecomondo has proved itself one more time as the most relevant event for the green economy in the whole Mediterranean area. This year’s edition has focused on the importance of circular economy, a matter of capital importance in Italy specially since the past July 12th, when the Ministers of the Environment (Gian Luca Galletti) and Economic Development (Carlos Calenda) introduced in the next Italian National Strategy for Sustainable Development (created in order to meet the Agenda 2030 goals) the following paragraph:

“A new industrial policy aimed at sustainability and innovation capable of increasing the competitiveness of Italian products and manufacturing.”

Precisely, Minister Galletti has been present in the inauguration of this year, assisting the exposition of the “Stati Generali della Green Economy” (General State of the Green Economy), organized by the Consiglio Nazionale della Green Economy in collaboration with the Fondazione per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile.

At the same time, the part dedicated to the energy sector and efficiency improvements through technology keeps growing together with Ecomondo and for the 11th year has opened its doors as a correlated but independent event, under the name Key Energy, which comprehends several subgroups: for instance, Key Efficiency is dedicated to a smart use of the resources connected with technologic improvements. We could also find Key Wind, which dealt with the eolic energy with the collaboration of ANEV (Associazione Nazionale Energia del Vento), Key Storage, focused on different procedures that allow more efficient ways of storing energy, and from this very year Key Solar, dedicated to solar and photovoltaic technologies.

In the words of Mr. Galletti “Ecomondo is not anymore the expo of the environment, but the top event of Italian economy. It’s grown along years, until becoming one of the most important fairs connected with the economy, not only green”.

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