The core value of bees: Promoting individual actions for ecosystem biodiversity

Do you like to enjoy the sweetness of cherries and strawberries or wake up in the morning with the intense aroma of coffee? Thank the bees.  35% of global food production and 76% of the world’s major crops depend on these extraordinary insects. Pollination is also estimated to be worth around $200 billion to ecosystems, as well as […]

Who bears responsibility for COVID-19 spreading? A review on notable 21st Century Research on Emerging Infectious Diseases

Future path of Research Development and correlation with anthropic pollution and ecosystem endangerment Kate E. Jones published a study on Nature in 2008 identifying 335 Emerging Infectious Diseases (EID) that have been detected from 1940 to 2004, demonstrating non-random global patterns. Origins are significantly correlated with socio-economic, environmental and ecological factors. They also reveal a substantial risk of wildlife zoonotic EIDs in Southern […]