Cowspiracy – A must watch!

So few days back i watched this documentary called ‘Cowspiracy’ upon a recommendation from a friend. Honestly i was little hesitant before watching this movie since it starts with a word ‘Cow’. Usually the first thing people say to me when they get to know that i am from India is ‘There are many cows on the streets’. Well, they are not very wrong, they indeed are on the street but i am not going to discuss this here(well, at least on right now).

So, i took a plunge ( sounds dramatic) and finally decided to see it and i must say i did not regret it for a second. The movie lasts for 85 minutes and gives a quite detail overview of how the meat industry is not good for environment. The presenter gets right to the point from the beginning of the documentary, asking questions like why no one is really talking about harmful effects of meat industry.
He gives the actual data of the amount of water that is used to make a hamburger and then shows the total carbon emissions generated through meat farming.

He later on goes on to show a comparison between emissions from a car and emissions from meat farming. The truth is an eye opener.

In Brazil, where people love eating meat, more than 1000 of environmentalists have been murdered because they were protesting against the government for cutting down the amazon.

Of course in the end, the presenter talks about being vegan and its effect but watching this documentary was very informative to me. I have been trying to cut down my meat intake. Its tough to make immediate changes in lifestyles but i am confident that i can cut it down my 80% within end of this month.

Watch the documentary and share your views here.

Here is the imdb link for the movie:

Written by: Pushkar Sabharwal

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