What is Corporate Social Responsibility about?

Today we started a new class that is mostly about Corporate Social Responsibility. If you never heard about it, don’t worry you don’t have to check it on Wikipedia, just continue reading!

Corporate Social Responsibility, or short CSR is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. That means that firms try to use a business model where the responsibility of corporate actions consider also impacts on the environment, stakeholders, consumers, employees, investors, communities ecc.

Nowadays nearly all big companies publish some kind of CSR report: some try to do it in a very cool and hip way like CocaCola (http://www.lanostraricetta.com/) while others are a bit more traditional, but they should have all something in comon,  which is the basis on how they are created.

During our lession our Professor showed us this amazing video that explains in a very attractive way what CRS is about, so if you are interested in this matter you should definitely check it out!

As CSR is a quite big deal in our course, we will definitely keep you udated on the topic!

Written by: Max Unterthiner

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