RESD’s student heading to Gotenburg, Sweden for a week for Environmental Symposium 2015

The EuroEnviro student symposium was created in 1995 in Born, Germany. Originally known as BiB, Born-in-Born, it was later to be renamed EuroEnviro. The aim was to exchange opinions with other students on environmental sciences and ecopolitical issues. Over the years the focus has expanded from mainly environmental issues to also include social and economic sustainability. EuroEnviro has no lasting organisation behind it. It is a nonprofit event, dependant on the work of volunteers. At the end of each symposium, a new group of organisers is chosen from among  the attendees. This has led to a natural progression and variation of ideas, perspectives and themes – each symposium is unique, with little in common but a shared concept and an overarching focus on sustainability. The symposium has taken place in many countries throughout the European continent. Below you can see the brief history of EuroEnviro. It has been organized 19 times in 18 European countries since 1995.

6 Student have been selected for ‘Resource Economics and Sustainable Development’ from University of Bologna.

I am one of the fortunate students to be selected and let me tell you that i am so excited and I can’t wait to be there among other students, university representatives and firms working towards environmental sustainability.

EuroEnviro2015 will approach this challenge from a multi-dimensional perspective. The purpose is to leave us, as a participant, with not only the tools but also the courage to motivate ourselves and the people around us to be the leaders of change in a sustainable transformation. The five day academic program will focus mainly on workshops and participatory lectures, to enable us to reflect on our learning. The week will revolve around three central challenges, each belonging to an arena where we as students can act as change agents. The University arena focuses on organizational change: to leverage our ideas and plans within university, organizations and companies. The Politics arena focuses on broader societal change, with perspectives on values, democracy and stakeholders. The Business arena focuses on sustainable business models, and how to create economic value from sustainable ideas. We will be challenged, in small groups, to find real-life implementations to solutions and create roadmaps to take us there.

I have decided that once I am back from the event, I will share my day to day experience of this event. I would also invite my fellow classmates to write a summary of their experience. I would also like to invite other students, organizers and professors to write a post for our blog. I really hope they agree to this. This would be huge to our blog.

Really!! Cant wait for it.

Check out more info on their web page.

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