Documentary Review – ‘Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story’

Few days back I saw this amazing documentary called ‘Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story’. Why amazing? Because I really hate wasting food. Sometimes when I waste food ( could be because the food was overcooked till the colour black or I am really nervous). Yes, I am one of those whose appetite goes for a toss when I am sad or nervous.

I am an Indian so this subject of wasting food is also very close to heart( in a bad way). 40% of the food do not even reach the consumers in India because of bad cold storage in India.

You can read more about the cold storage problem on this article. It’s quite interesting and informative.

However, I would like to talk about the documentary.

The reviews are amazing so i am not going to say remarkably different from other reviews but we will soon find out what I really have to say.

The couple in this documentary ( the husband is the director of this documentary) take up the challenge of eating discarded food for 6 months.

They decide to quit grocery shopping and to survive only on discarded food. Before beginning to watch the documentary, i thought it might be related to people wasting food in restaurants but I was wrong. It’s related to how the supermarkets take only the ‘good looking food’ and rest of the food is thrown again. I can talk really in detail about this documentary but I do not wish to ruin the surprises and fun for you. Only thing I could say or to decide is to waste lesser food than before.

In fact, I just scanned my fridge to see which things I can eat before they expire ( apparently there were many).

While researching for this documentary, I also discovered that the couple has done a previous documentary related to waste food which I am going to see this week, I’m sure you will find about that soon.

Just one more interesting data, the couple only managed to spend less than $200 to buy some stuff and managed to find more than $20,000 for food. What and how they managed to find it, check out this interesting documentary. Totally recommendable.

Written by: Pushkar Sabharwal

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