Disadvantages of using Palm Oil

Studying in an International Course (It’s in English language in Italy so it’s kind of a big deal here) I have many class mates around the world. One of my good friends who is from Indonesia and has studied in my country too recently spoke to me about the Palm Oil. We were hanging out with friends so i heard him for a while and then we moved on to a different subject (It was ‘where are more beers dude?’).

All of a sudden today I had an urge to know more about the disadvantages of Palm Oil. First, we will list the products where Palm Oil is used.

Lipstick,Pizza Dough,Instant Noodles,Shampoo,Ice Cream etc (the list goes on and on). Basically it’s part of our lives. It’s everywhere.

But why is it?

“The oil itself is derived from the fruits of the oil palm. It is consumed in both oxidized and fresh forms. As a fresh food, it contains health benefits, such as the reduction of blood pressure and the risk of arterial thrombosis. Unfortunately, much of the commonly used palm oil is in an oxidized — that is to say, processed — form. Once the oil is oxidized, it poses health dangers on the psychological and biochemical levels, such as reproductive toxicity and organ toxicity, impacting organs such as the kidneys and lungs.” Excerpt taken from OneGreenPlanet.

It is bad from Environment, bad for wildlife, bad for people. Due to this it leads to deforestation, Child labour or for animals. You can read more about it on the following links.


The best way is to cook at home with whole wide-some food and eating less processed food.

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