Actors of Change – EuroEnviro2015 (Part 1)


So as promised here goes my day to day article about what happened in EuroEnviro, how it was organised and especially we all got together in this symposium. Let me tell you from the beginning that the event was absolute awesome. It was so awesome that it gave a new meaning to awesomeness.

EuroEnviro started 20 years ago in Born, Germany by a group of students. The aim was to exchange opinions with other students on environmental sciences and ecopolitical issues. It has not lasting organisation behind it. Each year it is organised by the students from one particular country. Funny thing is it has never happened in Italy. I really wonder why.

The 1st day was to introduce ourselves to the other participants. It was a long journey and we were all tired but still we were enthusiastic to meet other people. The first night we had an ‘International Dinner’. People from around the world cooked something from their country. I didn’t cook anything because carrying Indian spices meant later my clothes would have smelled like curry.

Well, in India we have curry perfume ( best selling product) but I wouldn’t know how other people would take it(that was my little take on humour and it fell apart). People put in really great effort to make food and it was great. There was some German, Persian, Italian, Swedish food. BEST FOOD EVER. It was a good and relaxed evening at the beginning of the event. We were all really curious about the event.


Day 2 began early. One of my favourite thing to do there was to get up early and have breakfast with other people. The breakfast was well served. The funny thing for me was to see some people who would be so quite and look pissed at early morning. I’m pretty sure some people hated me for my continuous jibber jabber at the breakfast table. Day 2 was a Sunday and organisers planned to have an ‘Ice breaker’ games. First it started with treasure hunt like game ( well not exactly) where we were divided in teams and we need to click some pics of the city monuments and make it as a story. It was followed by some games in the park. We had a one hour of improvisational theatre exercises. It was very planned to go around the city so that we are aware of the city and in turn get to know more people around us.

Finally at the dinner, we were told about the event. We met one professor who spoke about the change of people’s mindset and how we are the ‘actors’ who should make the society aware about the sustainability.

Sustainability was the main topic we discussed at length. 60 students got together to come up with ideas about sustainability AND WE NAILED IT.

It was phenomenal that how some ideas were so brilliant and we actually came up with these ideas in less that 6 days. Amazing ideas happen when brilliant minds come together. I am going to discuss more that later on.

Day 3 Actors of Change

I loved the title ‘Actors of change’. It kind of gives you a certain sense of responsibility. The event began with a short video where we saw how we are at the crossroads of hope and despair,on the verge of societal collapse, or heading for a new industrial revolution. Is a ‘Change’ a problem or a solution. Who is going to take a control over it?

It was a good discussion and quite fruitful. From the beginning I could notice that people were very serious about the event and sustainability. It was then followed by an open lecture on ‘Why don’t they care?’ This lecture was meant to show us as how the sustainability is not a challenge but it is a solution. How we can address this to the other people. Honestly, I liked the concept but the way it was presented was too technical and boring. What I liked about this event was how we always were put together to discuss about the problems ( related to climate change), its possible solution and coming up with different ideas.

Later, there was an open panel discussion with people from different sphere of life. The panel include one who represents student union in Sweden, one Swedish politician, one who works in green peace, one advisor who worked closely with few governments related to sustainability and one representing a Swedish bank. They quite openly discussed various problems while facing to bring a change related to climate problems. It was very informative because we got to know how one politician faces a dilemma over to bring in a policy which will reduce carbon emission but on the other hand might reduce the employment. The bank representative spoke on how many companies are starting something related to sustainability and they need funds for that. How we need to work together in order to bring long lasting sustainability.

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