Actors of Change – EuroEnviro2015 (Part2)

Day 4 – Changing the mindsets

Day 4 was one of my favourite days of the program. It Included a workshop of Self Leadership, one workshop of ‘How to pitch’ and one documentary called ‘Invisible Revolutions’.

Self Leadership workshop meant to create a self motivated leadership. The instructor spoke about reflection and initiative among other things. We were asked what are our positive characteristics or what we lack to be a leadership. We were asked to talk about some points to any one participant and I felt some people were shaken emotionally when they found some common things between the people. In the end we wrote five points which we need to work on for 2015 year. It felt kind of new year resolutions that you take. I’m always up for it because I feel one should always seek to evolve oneself for further improvement. We also spoke about the awareness. We saw one short video called ‘Whodunnit’. Here is link of the video. It talks about how unaware are we when we just focus on one thing. You should totally check out this video.

Pitch workshop was really interesting. The instructors spoke on how to pitch an idea to people. The pitch should last within 2 minutes. It was really challenging because you really need to be well prepared and sharp to say the most important things at the right time. It’s a business development method called ‘Loopa’. My team which comprised of 5 people from Spain,Holland,Uganda,Mexico and India. We had to pitch in one idea but not as a Pitch yet but as a presentation. We spoke about having a solar panel at home with an app which gives you all the energy usage and where it is exactly being utilised. It felt it was a very cool idea even though not new. There were other ideas too like having ‘Re-bake’ cafe where they take the rejected Muesli and then it turned into Muffins or Cup Cakes or UniGarden where one university will have its own organic garden at the University. It will be run by University students and the vegetables will be sold to the uni Mensa or to the other people. I would say out loud that every idea was brilliant.

Invisible Revolutions is a documentary and as the name suggests there are some revolutions happening around the world where we aren’t aware of it yet. For example in a Briston a city in England has started its own currency. You can check out this documentary. It is very interesting.

Day 5 – Tools of Change

Day 5th was rather easy and relaxed. We had a choice to do either ‘Climbing’ or Acroyoga or Visit the Universeum. I decided to go for ‘Climbing’ and I’m really happy with the decision. It was in a gym and it was around 14 meters high. I really had fun and I am going to do a lot more of climbing soon. Some people went for AcroYoga and they seemed very happy about it too. I believe it was a great decision to organise something like this. Later during the afternoon we went to Universeum to attend a workshop. We again had a choice to attend either ‘Nudging’ or ‘Focus on how’ or ‘Marketing in the new era’ or ‘Teaching about sustainability’.

It was a tough decision to take since I kind of liked everything but eventually I decided to attend ‘Nudging’ workshop. As some of you know, Nudging means

It could be one way to change people’s behaviour. For example one electricity company decided to write on their electricity bill ‘Switch off the light when not in use’. They eventually saved 30% of the electricity. Such a great sustainable strategy.

Later during the evening we went to Sauna near the lake. Let’s not get into the details here.

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