To eat or not to eat = The Meat

Remember I once wrote my views on Cowspiracy and on how I took a pledge to decrease my intake. Well after 5 months, I would say it has reduced. Maybe it hasn’t reduced like I would prefer but I am happy with my progress. Just thinking that I might be saving few gallons of water makes my conscious clear. I have increased my vegetables intake. I had to do thorough search on what kind of food I could eat to have all the nutrients. In fact for the last month or so, I have given up on dairy products. I have started using soy milk for my oat meal. Well, soy has it’s own disadvantages but this is not the platform for it. However, apart from missing parmigiano like crazy, everything seems to be fine. I do have less cold now. I do feel more active than before. But maybe because of some other activities I do have some minor effect on my more healthy lifestyle.

Going through some articles online, I came up with few articles on meat industry. This quickly catches up my attention. The write says that we are going to eat less and less meat. Upon reading the author’s other articles on how much antibiotics are being fed to the animals so that they bulk up quickly which in turn we are consuming. Consuming antibiotics for long period gives heart problems.

On another article, it was discussed that even though in US people have already started eating less meat but the meat production has been increased. Why? Because of increased meat demand abroad. Especially in Brazil or in China.

After reading few more articles I was more motivated than before to quit meat. It’s hard to quit especially when it is so easily available, at times cheaper, at time easy to make. However, constant perseverance would make it in habit to be more vegetarian. If I had been in India, it would be so easy to be a vegetarian.

Let’s see how the next 7 months going to be.

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