Mountains – so impressive but still vulnerable!

I grew up in the mountains. More specifically in the Dolomites, a quite famous mountain formation in the very north of Italy. And this is also the place where I feel most protected, nowhere else I can feel a bigger sensation of freedom than on the peak of my favorite mountain. Maybe you are from a mountain region too and you can understand to well what I mean.

But even if they mountains seem so massive, the ecosystem surrounding them is quite vulnerable. That’s the reason why I would like to sum up a very informative paper I read ultimately. It was worked out by the FAO the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN.  The paper is divided in 3 main parts. In the first part the characteristics and the services that mountain ecosystems get defined. But also the risk and threats in this areas are explained, with a special section for the climate change that affects mountains regions.

What follows is the management section with loads of approaches to find a more sustainable development and natural resource organisation in mountain areas all over the world. The highlight economic opportunities and best practices for mountain policies and governance incentives. In fact the last part named “the way forward” gives some further recommendations for opportunities on future development.

If you are interested on more details download the booklet here:


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