Energiewende Part II – a new eco era

If you liked my article about the Energiewende two weeks ago, than you will definitely enjoy the second part about the energy transition that is going to happen in the next decades.

In the first part I introduced you to the argument, and today I would like to sum up a very nice article published on the SPIEGEL Online, the website of one of the most important german weekly magazines DER SPIEGEL (“the mirror” in german). What the article says is that there are also other countries that try to move from unsustainable energy production to a more sustainable one, and that there are some examples that can be taken as best practices.

The chinese town of Dezhou is one of those astonishing places, it is also called Chinas solar valley. They gather their energy from solar plants, and they have a lot of them: as many as there are in the whole EU! Or Vietnam, that uses more than 140.000 biogas power plants to produce energy.

Talkin about numbers the trend towards renewable resources gets even more clear. Investments in this sector grew unbelievably in the past 10 years. in 2014 over 250 billions of dollars were spent in new technologies, and for the first time there were build more renewable resource power stations than conventional ones.  A remarkable success. Solar and wind power are here the most notable sectors.

Take a look to this video. It is a informative TED speech by Rob Hopkins.

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