How to be more Sustainable in your daily routine

I once wrote about to conserve energy. Today I would like to cite few steps that we can take in order to be more sustainable as an individuals. So here we go:

1) Drink more filtered water than from plastic bottle – Recently I have been reading a lot about drinking from tap water or drinking from filtered tap water. I am quite lucky that there is a filtered water facility near my home. It costs .05 cents per litre. Usually where I am living the tap water isn’t drinkable, too much limestone which isn’t healthy. Another point to be noted is not to drink from plastic bottle. Not all plastic in recycled and recently I came to know that if we drink water from plastic bottle, there is high Oestrogen ( We know how harmful it could be right?!)

2) Unplug the electronics when not in use – Well, when we go to sleep or when we leave for office, those electronics which we are not going to use, we might as well unplug it. It will be consume no energy so it is kind of win win situation for all of us.

3) Stop junk mail : I have seen here in Rimini that these supermarkets send you loads of junk mail because of their discounts offers. I agree that it is good to let people know about their offers but come on 10 page ad distributed to thousands of houses. Do we really need it? Cant they just inform us through email or one simple text. There should be a way to unsubscribe this continuous marathon of commercial ads we receive.

4) Reduce red meat : okay, I am asking you to completely stop eat it. I love bacon as much as some of you do but since last 6 months, I have reduced my consumption of meat. It is tough, i must say, however I feel more lighter, my conscious is clear thinking I might be helping the environment at least in a very small way but it is still something. By the way do you know about Meat Monday. Skip meat at least for one day and see how it helps the environment.

5) Save Water : Recently a friend of mine noticed that the way I was cleaning dishes, I was wasting loads of water. I had to agree with it. I have started using the water more smartly. I am still learning because of old habits In an era when our fresh water supply is diminishing due to pollution and drought, it’s important to conserve all the water we can, as well as learn about and put to use greywater recycling practices. Here are 110+ ways to save water.

6) Bike, walk, and use public transit – Not only it is healthy but also very sustainable towards the environment. I agree if you live in a big city you might need a car but try to use public transport maybe twice in a week or reduce it as per your requirements. Car pool is a great option too.

7) Support local food producers: I have recently started buying more food local farmers or local brands. Not only they are cheap but they have less expiration date which means they are more fresh and they have used less conservatives to last the food long.

I hope this article helps you and the environment is some way.

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