Calculate your own ecological footprint!

Have you ever asked yourself how big your own ecological footprint is? Here you get a useful tool

CoolClimate Calculator

This calculator has been developed by the famous Berkely University from California. The aim of this calculator is to estimate the yearly co2 emissions of your household. In the first step you have to enter some basic information in the program like the country you live in, the amount of people in your household and your gross annual household income.
The next step is to sign how many vehicles are used in your family and how many miles you drive, of course it is crucial to enter also the MpG amount of the cars. Also public transit and air travel are considered in this category. When it comes to housing in a regular analysis you put electricity, natural gas, heating oil, and water consumption. Also important for co2 measurement is food consumption, in fact you have to show how your diet is composed. Last but not least are details on your shopping habits,

After filling out all the fields the calculator shows you the result in tons of co2/year, but it doesn’t finish there. Below the numeric calculations one can find some super useful tips on how to take action to reduce the personal impact on the climate.
From Carpooling to work to eat a low carbon diet  there is a list with the tons of co2 saved and also dollars saved. Take 3 minutes of your life time and check out this site!

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