Bioenergy provides 38 per cent of jobs in the renewable energy industry

According to a report released by IRENA, there has been an 18 per cent increase from last year in the renewable energy industry, The bioenergy sector accounts for over 2.9 million jobs, including liquid biofuels (1.78 million), biomass power and heat (0.82 million) and biogas (0,38 million). This means that 38 per cent of all jobs in the renewable energy industry are provided by the global bioenergy sector, almost half a million more than the PV solar industry (2.4 million) and nearly 3 times more than the wind power industry (1.04 million).

If you are a student of Sustainable development or in Environmental studies, this would definitely be a great news for you. At least for me it is something to look forward to.

As a result, even with continued jobs growth, the European Union and the United States now represent 25 per cent of global renewable energy jobs, compared to 31 per cent in 2012. The 10 countries with the largest renewable energy employment figures are: China, Brazil, the United States, India, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, France, Bangladesh and Colombia. For renewable energy employment to continue to grow, supportive policies should be used. “In order to maximise job creation from renewable energy deployment, governments need to implement a mix of cross-sectoral policies that encourage deployment, stimulate investment in local industries, strengthen firm-level capabilities and promote education and research.” – Rabia Ferroukhi, IRENA Deputy Director, Knowledge, Policy and Finance Centre.

Source: Be Sustainable

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