Gadgettime: The Fairphone – a cool sustainable product

No this is not a paid advertising (unfortunately ;), I´d simply like to introduce you to a very cool product: The Fairphone

What makes thstatic1.squarespace.comis Smartphone different from classic ones? The answer is simple and yet complicated. From outside the phone looks like a normal Samsung, iPhone, or Nokia, but what makes it really unique is that it is produced in a very sustainable way.

In fact the raw materials for the Fairphone are exclusively from controlled sources. The best example for their company idea is how they use rare minerals that are necessary to create the electronic components of the device. they try to support local economies, and not armed militias that often control the mining sites in developing countries like the DRC.

Like in my previous post about sustainable design the Fairphone creators follow this philosophy in their product. Longevity and repairability are attributes that are not very often shared in this business.

In the manifacturing process they try to give to the factory workers safe conditions, fair wages and worker representation. This should be allways the case, but unfortunately even the big companies like Apple (that recieve their parts from Foxconn) do not care to much about employee wellbeing.

One of the most impressive facts about this phone is the full lifespan responsability that comes with the product, from the moment one buys it to the use, reuse and safe recycling.

In my opinion the guys from Fairphone created a very nice Android phone with some nice specs and a good design. So if you are looking for a new phone, and you want something special with social values than do consider this one.


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