New way of not wasting the food – Apps are online now!

Few days ago a friend of mine spoke about an app or in fact there is an fb page too or if I can continue this sentence with another platform in US where you can give away extra food to homeless people or to those who live in shelter, doesn’t that sound wonderful. Well, it is a reality and it is growing in a big way.

If you are going away on holidays and you have some stuff left which will be ruined in few days and you can finish it yourself ( because you just went out for a dinner with your friends and you leave early morning next day), all you need to do is to post this on fb or on the app on your phone and someone will come to pick it up. It could be any random person or a poor student living on a budget or a super rich dude who doesn’t like wasting food.

I love this idea. When you get to know that around 40% of the food gets wasted in developing countries like in India, I feel we should not waste the food on the plate. Either save it for next day or stuff it/swallow it until it finishes.

You have to consider yourself lucky. You are lucky enough to be born into a family where food was not in a short supply or you are hard working enough to earn good enough to afford whatever you want so WHY TO WASTE IT!

Even in the EXPO recently, they spoke about these tools to not waste food and give to someone who is in need.

If you can’t eat it, forward it!

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