Mobility revolution: Dublin

Dublin the Capital of Ireland is soon to be one of the cities with the widest pedestrian zones all over the world. But it doesn’t finish here, they invested also more than 150 billion euros in  the city center to improve public transportation with tram and a well functioning wide range net of bicycle roads.

The public decision takers are willing to spend such a huge amount of money because of the known increasing in inner-city movements trough the next decade. In fact they want to incentive people to use their bike and not their car, the share of bikers in the city should rise from 5% up to 15% within 2020.

To prevent that bikes get stolen (the number of stolen bikes increased steadily over the last years) Dublin build so called bike-hangars and underground garages for bike users like they can be found in Japan.

The decision to use the tram over the bus is known to bring some further improvements for the cities living
quality. The quality of the transportation service is higher with a tram, they are less noise and air polluting, have road lanes just for them and in the long run they are even less expensive than an investment in traditional buses.

One of the most important changes in the City is that also most of the streets will just be in a one direction sense, to increase the fluidity of the traffic. Only bicycles are allowed to drive in both directions.

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