How important is the Return on Investment when it comes to sustainability matters?

Today I would like to share with you a very interesting topic that I stumbled on while browsing trough the web: The ROI of Sustainability.

If you had an economics/business class then you know perfectly what the return on investment is ,and how important it is out there in the real world to have an Index that shows you on first sight how long it takes until your investment becomes profitable.

And at this point there is a very informative website from (very informative also the article CSR After the Volkswagen Scandal) that collected a vast series of articles and videos that handles exactly this matter and gives answers to business related questions like “is my idea for sustainability justified by the expense?” or “how can I calculate the payback period for upfront expenditures?”.  The answer to this questions are given by experts and people that come from companies that had to take decisions of this type and did some good investments.

I suggest you to give it a try, here is the link, dont be shy 😉

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