Ever Heard of: Sustainable goals by UN

From this week and till a distant future, I will be talking about ‘Ever heard of’. I’m sure you must have heard about what I am going to write about in this post or in the future, however, my aim is some people who may not know about it, will eventually know through my posts.

Today, I will talk about Sustainable goals proposed by UN. I never heard about it until today. If countries succeed in meeting the goals, by 2030 there will be an end to poverty, hunger, child labour, AIDS and various other problems that blight millions of lives globally.

You can find the main UN’s proposed ideas here. It is a 35 page document released by UN to all countries to follow their proposed idea and summary is available too.

When I read some of the goals, I start laughing. Gender equality and poverty won’t be achieved too soon. You might call me a pessimist but I like to speak my mind here.

Zero hunger – I don’t know what they mean by that. We won’t get hungry anymore. Well, honestly if that happens, there is not going to any war or corruption because mostly what we do is to feed our empty stomach but oh wait I forgot about greed.

Clean Water and sanitation – clearly they haven’t been to India yet.

These goals are not legally binding so it is up to the different countries to follow these or not. A part of me is happy that at least these goals are out there for a country to follow. Goal 17 is meant for implementation. It aims to provide more financial resources and promote the development and dissemination of environmentally sound technologies in developing countries.

Source : Carbon Brief, UN

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