meet NOOR, the largest concentrating solar power plant on Earth

Two weeks ago, the moroccan King Mohammed VI opened the biggest solar power plant on earth: a 3500 football-field area covered with solar power plants called Noor (arabic for light).

With a huge investment of about 3,9 billion dollars the moroccan government build up this huge plant, which is so special because of its moving mirrors, that heat up liquid salt up to 400 °C which then power a steam turbine to create energy. The most awesome feature of this kind of technique is that this heat can be stored up to 8 hours and produce energy also during nighttime. The overall power capacity of the plant is 580 MW, but it wont finish here, up to 2020 Morocco wants to produce up to 2000MW of electric power coming from solar energy.

Morocco is with is 3000 hours of sunlight annually a perfect place for this kind of energy production. The fact that Morocco has to import nearly 97 % of its energy consumption makes this kind of investment also a big step of the countries energy independence.

Have some nice pics here:

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