Music and Sustainability – a loyal and fruitful link

Madonna in Material Girl Video

Sustainability, sustainability everywhere. That could be the incipit of  the nightmare of an oil tycoon. Or maybe it is just the reality. How come that the latest Coldplay music videos are starring more and more natural assets? Why does Jack Johnson ask directly to his fans to commit for the protection of environment? But above […]

It is GreenWeek time!

EU Green Week 2016

The first Editor’s choice for this week is an event: EU Green Week 2016! And what an event! It is an annual week of round tables and conferences organised every year in order to examine collectively the European Environmental Policy. Throughout the past years they targeted  the topics “Our health our wealth”, “Circular Economy” and  […]

RESD’s escape in the Sinis Protected Area

As the plane takes off, there is only one word in my mind to express what we have witnessed in those days; paradise! The marine protected Area of Sinis peninsula and Isola di Mal di Ventre is one of the most beautiful place you can find on earth. Located in the gulf of Oristano, the […]

What is Euroenviro (as a participant)?


  Imagine yourself in a city you have never been before, although acting like a veteran. Then add up that you are among friendly people, who are actually strangers as  you have never met them before. Plus, you are passionately  chit-chatting about your dreams and commitments for a better and green world. And the best […]