European Mobility Week

On the 16th of September was lunched the European Mobility Week!

This year EU will focus on ‘Smart and sustainable mobility’, focusing on the link between transport and economics. The main idea is that having a smarter mobility across our society,  from the public to the private sector, benefits the entire economy.

In 2016 there are 50 countries partecipating, for a total of 2286 cities. You can check here if your city is in the list:

Every year the Mobility Week focuses on a particular topic related to sustainable mobility. Local authorities organise activities for their citizens based on the theme. Moreover, they launch and promote permanent measures that support the specific year’s goal.

Why is sustainable mobility important?
From a governamental point of view, better infrastucture, avoided traffic jams, better air quality, fewer cars on our streets, more efficient public transport – the list can continue – mean less managing costs, public money saved and ultimately an economic boost. Having a smarter mobility in your city is a benefit in every aspects, both for the private and the public sector. Indeed, just think that houses’ value in the area with good cycling facilities and efficient public transport tends to be higher; furthermore, children who walk or cycle to school have higer school performances.

So jump on your bikes steamgreeners and make your city smarter and more sustianable.

If need more info, including how to make your city partecipating and possibly winning the EMW award for the city that best implement and encourage smart and sustainable mobility, look at the main website:

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