M’illumino di Meno day!

Today all over Italy people celebrate the 13th edition of M’illumino di Meno! A nation wide event promoting energy saving!

It is well known that the biggest energy dispersion is caused by the energy wastage; a serious issue affecting every sector of our economy: food industry, transportation, communication, just to cite few. Only in the residential sector every year in Italy we waste around 8 billion of electricity, mostly because of non efficient buildings or appliances; on the top of that, we waste energy because of bad-practices in our everyday life. Therefore, we need a day to highlight this mistake that has enormous negative impacts in environmental sustainability terms.

The M’illumino di Meno initiative, promoted by Caterpillar, a radio  broadcasted program, manage to gain throughout the years so much influence and participants, up to the point that the major monuments around Italy and Europe will be shunted down from 18.oo to 20.oo this evening. Moreover, thousand of energy-saving initiatives will take place tonight. Here in Rimini as well, there will be an event:”A cena con le stelle, un Borgo come non l’avete mai visto!”, taking place in Borgo San Giuliano, which for the occasion will put the light off, as well as organise different activities that promotes energy efficiency.

Click here to have some info: http://www.altarimini.it/News95638-rimini-il-borgo-si-illumina-di-meno-fa-vedere-le-stelle-appuntamento-con-astrofili-e-appassionati.php

In the M’illumino di meno website, click here, you can also find more information about the celebration, an interactive map to see where you can find the venue hosting energy efficient activities, and a short compendium about how to save more energy today.

The creators of this incredible initiative are seriously involved, indeed they are trying to establish an official National Day for Energy Saving and Sustainable Life-styles.

So remember to adhere to M’illumino di Meno, turn off the lights and do not forget that:

In ogni condivisione c’è un risparmio di energia.                                                                                          Sharing is energy saving.
Ogni condivisione genera energia.                                                                                                                    Sharing generates energy. 
Condividere fa bene. (Caterpillar, Radio 2)                                                                                                    Sharing is good.   

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