An amazing article by our second year student Rohit Conudula, as we comeback from a beautiful experience at Tetra Pak Italia.

We, the students of RESD, got the privilege to visit Tetra Pak Italia in Modena on the 2nd of March and it reaped wonderful results. Our experience with them was wonderful and a great leap in our learning curve. Well, to begin with, it was a one and a half hour journey from our university and when we reached Tetra Pak Italia, we got a very warm welcome from the employees over there. The company at first glance looked a great place to work at and within no time we realized that our assumption was spot on, as every employee seemed to take pride in working it. It all started with an introduction on what is the main motto of the company’s founder -“The package should save more than it costs” and how the company is still abiding by it. Tetra Pak is a multinational food packaging and processing company of Swedish origin with head offices in Lund, Sweden, and Lausanne, Switzerland. We got a brief outline on the various functionalities of the company and how deeply it has imbibed its core values within itself. While we talk about core values and integrating it within the work culture, it doesn’t stop there because Tetra Pak also has its roots dug deep into corporate social responsibility that one may feel how does a company give so much attention to detail and yet manages to be the front runner in today’s rat race where one mistake may lead to unmeasurable complications.

The next part of our visit included how the company worked to be sustainable. Their motto “We make food safe and available, everywhere”  in the beginning seemed intriguing. In the end we understood that its ideologies, standards and transparency make the company deliver what it says. The company gives a lot of importance to its employees and according to me it makes them feel secured as it helps them to balance both their work and personal life, a step which many companies are even scared to think of. Practically, Tetra Pak has shown an amazing perception towards how a company can have the perfect balance of Social, Economic and Environmental aspects with a bend of sustainability. The visit was more like redefining sustainability and also proves that if resources are channelized in the right direction and most importantly with the right leadership, we might not just remain on the verge of sustainability but also achieve it!!

Thanks to everyone who provided us with this opportunity and we would also like to extend our gratitude to Tetra Pak Italia for their hospitality and time.

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