The Economy for The Common Good

What is the goal of economic activities? Money! Profit! This is the common answer that students give at business schools or at university economics departments, and it is as well the goal of the majority of CEOs. However, as Christian Felber clearly points out, nowhere in the democratic constitutions we can find evidence of this rule. […]

Good news for biodiversity

After the Industrial Revolution, by exploiting the environmental resources more than in any comparable period of human history, humans have changed ecosystems irreversibly, thus causing an alarming number of extinctions. Indeed, in regard to biodiversity loss, it has been calculated that the rate of known extinction in the XX century was from 50 to 500 […]

Masdar City Project and its criticisms: a complete failure?

Masdar City is  a very famous living project in United Arab  Emirates, which has been brought back into global discussion because it looks like it is empty and  then its validity as global foremost model of urban sustainability is under pressure. What is Masdar City. Masdar city is a perfect example of Private and Public […]


An amazing article by our second year student Rohit Conudula, as we comeback from a beautiful experience at Tetra Pak Italia. We, the students of RESD, got the privilege to visit Tetra Pak Italia in Modena on the 2nd of March and it reaped wonderful results. Our experience with them was wonderful and a great […]