Masdar City: A Carbon-free oasis

  Few kilometres from Abu-Dhabi airport in the middle of the desert a new city rises: is Masdar, literally the rising city. Thanks to a conspicuous US$ 22 billion investment, it is the first world’s 100% sustainable city. Started in the 2006, the city spreads for 6 square kilometres wide and it can host up to […]

Sustainability in RIO

Vinicius and Tom are the mascottes of the Olympic and Paraolympic games in Rio 2016. Their value is highly representative: they are entitled to envisage the biodiversity and natural value of the (important) country they speak for, Brazil. Vinicius is an animal, while Tom is a tree.   An overview on the Games Sustainability in […]

Green Column- Celebrating Tesla: a name, a man behind daily life.

  The Name This week in the Green Column we are talking about Nikola Tesla: a man, an inventor, an engineer, too much often only associated with the brand of electric vehicles. it is in fact a recent news that the brand’s first supercharger to be taken place in Italy, was inaugurated on Friday in […]

Climate Change: A potential new financial crisis?

Can the Climate Change Crisis lead to a new financial crisis? It must be clear climate change will affect every aspect of our society and economy! This includes the stock market as well! According to a study conducted by the Economist there is a huge cost associated with climate change for the financial players. The […]

When The Food Industry Settles Down in Silicon Valley

  Just a few data. According to the UN, livestock emits alone the 14.5% of GHGs and occupies the 30% of icefree landmass. Furthermore in order to produce a kilogram of beef it takes 10 of feed, the other components  of the ordinary cattle follow with modesty, still accounting for less than what received. Yet […]

The Sustainable Community! Let’s go Apes

We all well know how much time you like spending on Facebook! Posting pictures of your amazing vacation, or sharing videos and posts! It has been estimated that the global average of time spent on your favourite social network is more than 20 minutes per day! Today the green column wants to give you an […]

Well done Montreal!

Montreal 1989, does it remeber anything to you? Back in that year “Perhaps the single most successful international agreement to date” (Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the United Nations) was signed. Today 27 years later its effects are visible to everyone. Yes! The Protocol (for who does not remeber) banned the use of CFC, chlorofluorocarbons, and […]

Sustainability tips: how to behave during SALES.

The second week of sales is about to finish, at least here in Italy. And while I am wandering along the streets of Milan, a fashion destination recognised worldwide, I spot a lot of buyers with giant bags filled with cheap items. Or, better, cheap thrills? Because that is the thing that I notice: the […]

Tomorrow is the World Population Day

Tomorrow is the World Population Day. In fact in the far 1989 the UN decided to dedicate the 11th of July to the general theme of population issues. It is of course part of a campaign of awareness on hot debated social issues, among the latest: exploding population and global peace. This year it has […]

El Nino… a kid actor in the Climate Change

Between 2015 and 2016 the world has witnessed the strongest El Nino since 65 years. The effects have been catastrophic, producing massive drought in Africa and Australia and destructive floods in South America. Step by step…What El Nino is?  The Peruvian fishermen gave name to this climate phenomena, calling it El Nino (the kid); exactly […]

Innovative Schemes of Public Engagement, Pros and Cons

This topic was presented by the blogger Laura in Euroenviro2016 in Denmark, hope it is going to be interesting-       One of the hotly debated topics in Europe is the need of public engagement in decision-making process. This phenomenon is called “democratic deficit”, and it is referred particularly  to European Union’s institutions. In […]

Environmental bonds – When the Apple becomes green

Last month Apple announced its $1.5bn green bond, to achieve the company’s conversion to 100% renewable energy, using biodegradable material, installing more efficient air system. Surely, many other will follow the initiative, reflecting the growing concern of a large number of companies about reducing their climate impact. What exactly green bonds are? How can they […]

It is time for Time Banking

The only thing we can not buy is time! It is a scarce and valuable resource. Moreover we can not know exactly how much of it we have left, therefore it would be impossible to give a price to our time! Time is priceless! So we better not waste it! Carpe diem, someone said long […]