Sustainability tips: how to behave during SALES.

The second week of sales is about to finish, at least here in Italy.
And while I am wandering along the streets of Milan, a fashion destination recognised worldwide, I spot a lot of buyers with giant bags filled with cheap items. Or, better, cheap thrills?
Because that is the thing that I notice: the moment you buy it, it is all about feeling an evanescent sense of rewarding, that after some time disappears. Not worthy of the amount of pollution emitted in the production process and neither of the waste created thereafter.
But… how to resist cheap occasions to look like your persona, because of your environment and social sensitive side?

Some tips for SA(i)LING adventures.

The most sustainable shopping you can do is of course buying second hand or vintage clothes: check out the thrift stores in your town. Alternatively I suggest you to try, an online market place dedicated to handcrafts and vintage.

If those options do not happen to be your case, then:

  1. Before you throw yourself out in the wild, check your closet. Just to have a quick reminder of the things you own, and therefore you do not need. It is so easy to forget, and the best thing you can do to renew value to your belongings is to keep them in your own order, so that everything is under control and the moment you are in a store about to buy a black blouse, you can easily picture the similar one you hang yesterday in your room.
  2. Honestly, skip the fast- fashion stores and brands. They are pure temptations, with prices so low you will not think about what you are buying and why you are doing that.
    Invest in quality: buy less but choose more. An interesting quote I read in  a Banana Republic store resembles like  “Buying something classic will give you a dress that you will wear forever”.  When you grab something that might look like your style, think about:
    – the fabric: is it a good one and suitable to the season you want to wear it? Is it environmentally demanding? Where does it come from?
    – the model: is  it the anthem of the season? So strange and unfitting to the other pieces of yours you are not going to wear it again in the years to come?
    – the company: do you know it? How do they produce? Do you like their philosophy?
    Ultimately, try to think about the use of it: what you are going to match, how long you think it is right to make clothes last. What are you going to do in the years to come? Think about your lifestyle.
  3. Choose to pay more. This way you will buy less, stay focussed on choosing, and you will enjoy and appreciate your purchases longer and better.
  4. Remain true to yourself and beliefs.

The Golden Rule

However, what is really making the difference it to reuse and repair, as SteamGreen already enlighted in this article. So do yourself  a favour: find yourself a good tailor. He will be your best  environment-friendly friend: your old clothes will be renewed and the vintage clothes will be refreshed. Accompanied with a lot of satisfaction, throughout the whole year. So long sales!

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