M’illumino di Meno day!

Today all over Italy people celebrate the 13th edition of M’illumino di Meno! A nation wide event promoting energy saving! It is well known that the biggest energy dispersion is caused by the energy wastage; a serious issue affecting every sector of our economy: food industry, transportation, communication, just to cite few. Only in the […]

Fast fashion and the Environment: what are we really buying?

Today an article written by our fellow RESD student Anna Verones! Enjoy it as much as we do! Fast fashion is a contemporary term used to define a phenomenon in the fashion industry whereby the production process is expedited to get new trends out on the market as quickly and cheaply as possible. Businesses have aggressively cut costs […]

Making Sustainability in Universities

These days in Italy there has been much ado about… something. In our university, the University of Bologna, there have been major semi-violent conflictual events between students and the university establishment. Indeed: the university has decided after years of uncontrolled occupation to reset the order in the Literature department, by installing turnstiles right at the […]

Better Life Index

An interactive and smart tool to rank how a region or a state perform according to 11 topic that make better life. The OECD Better Life Index aims at identifying the best way to measure the progress of societies, going beyond GDP and examining the areas that impact people’s lives. The OECD has identified 11 […]