Contemporary Implementation of Climate Policies – an American Approach

“Our political leader failed us,” These words will eventually echo across years of summits and conferences in the next years, as far as a coherent plan, both in scope and magnitude, will be drafted by the international community to tackle the Climate Crisis. While the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been drafting and […]

Will we drink coffee in 2050?

Coffee is one of the most famous plants in the world: it takes 3-4 years before it produces berries, which will then be harvested, cleaned, and roasted. Every day almost 1,6 billion cups of coffee are made, with Finland as the first consumer of coffee in the world (nearly 12 kg/year per capita). Coffee employs […]

Risk Perception of Catastrophic Risk

How humans cope with Climate Change. Since when the “Green New Deal” has been inserted in the political agenda across many countries, the coverage of Climate Change in mass media suddenly surged. The main facet that is outlined is one of a threatening, disruptive, unavoidable phenomena. While these characteristics are supported by scientific evidence, this […]